A while back, I was out of commission and all I could do was lie down watch TV and well, try to get better. I got to see some so so shows, some not too bad shows and some fucking amazing shows. I told myself once I felt up to it, I would start a show where I get to share cool things I experience with the world. I mean… I might slowly push you to try something out but you know what, I believe…. STRONGLY… that you’ll have a great time trying out anything I recommend here.

Now, I’ll share that I’m no expert, I’m just someone that loves sharing experiences and I hope you get to check out some of the recommendations and/or at least let me know what you think of anything you’ve experienced.

I’m also open to trying out new things, so don’t be shy and send recommendations my way. I always need a new show, film, food, city, experience to… well… experience.